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May 31,  · Farther Away: Essays [Jonathan Franzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this incisive collection of speeches and essays, Jonathan Franzen returns with renewed vigor to the themes4/4(34). Jonathan Earl Franzen (born August 17, ) is an American novelist and novel The Corrections, a sprawling, satirical family drama, drew widespread critical acclaim, earned Franzen a National Book Award, was a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction finalist, earned a James Tait Black Memorial Prize and was shortlisted for the International Dublin Literary Literary fiction. Nov 13,  · Jonathan Franzen. Jonathan Franzen is the author of Purity and other novels, most recently The Corrections and Freedom. His works of nonfiction and translation include Farther Away and The Kraus Project, all published by is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the German Akademie der Künste, and the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

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A sharp and provocative new essay collection from the award-winning author of Freedom and The Corrections. Now, at a moment when technology jonathan franzen essays inflamed tribal hatreds and the planet is beset by unnatural calamities, he is back with a new collection of essays that recall us to more humane ways of being in the world.

Calm, poignant, carefully argued, full of wit, The End of the End of the Earth provides a welcome breath of hope and reason. It takes a seemingly chance encounter with two visitors from Germany to send Pip—and the reader—on a journey of discovery that ranges from Stasi-era East Berlin to a rainforest in Bolivia; and from the ancient war between the sexes to the present-day bewilderments of the Internet.

Purity is a grand story of youthful idealism, extreme fidelity, and murder—the most daring and penetrating book yet by one of the major writers of our time. But even though his followers included Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin, he remained jonathan franzen essays of a lonely prophet, and few people today are familiar with his work. Thankfully, Jonathan Franzen is one of them. In The Kraus ProjectFranzen not only presents his definitive new translations of Kraus but also annotates them spectacularly, with supplementary notes from the Kraus scholar Paul Reitter and the Austrian writer Daniel Kehlmann, jonathan franzen essays.

Painstakingly wrought, strikingly original in form, The Kraus Project is a feast of thought, passion, and literature. In this incisive collection of speeches and essays, Jonathan Franzen returns with renewed vigor to the themes, both human and literary, that have long preoccupied him.

A remarkable and revelatory work from one of our greatest living novelists, Farther Away traces the progress of a unique and mature mind wrestling with itself, with literature, and with some of the most important issues of our day.

In his first novel since The CorrectionsJonathan Franzen has given us an epic of contemporary love and marriage. Freedom jonathan franzen essays and tragically captures the temptations and burdens of liberty: the thrills of teenage lust, the shaken compromises of middle age, the wages of suburban sprawl, the heavy weight of empire. In charting the mistakes and joys of Walter and Patty Berglund as they struggle to learn how to live in jonathan franzen essays ever more confusing world, Franzen has produced an indelible and deeply moving portrait of our time.

From the National Book Award-winning author of The Correctionsa collection of essays that reveal him to be one of our sharpest, toughest, and most entertaining social critics. After almost fifty years as a wife and mother, Enid Lambert is ready to have some fun. The oldest, Gary, a once-stable portfolio manager and family man, is trying to convince his wife and himself, despite clear signs to the contrary, that he is not clinically depressed.

The middle child, Chip, jonathan franzen essays, has lost his seemingly secure academic job and is failing spectacularly at his new line of work. And Denise, the youngest, jonathan franzen essays, has escaped a disastrous marriage only to pour her youth and beauty down the drain of an affair with a married man-or so her mother fears.

Desperate for some pleasure to look forward to, Enid has set her heart on an elusive goal: bringing her family together for one last Christmas at home. Louis Holland, an angry young prisoner of the s, jonathan franzen essays, begins work at a Boston radio station in a spring of strange happenings—anti-abortion activists descend on the city just as it is hit with a series of freak earthquakes.

Jonathan Franzen summons the forces of love and comedy, corporate crime and computer science, ecological disaster jonathan franzen essays Evangelical Christianity, to bring us a novel of painful beauty and insight. Strong Motion is a story of the end of the American century from our most honest observer of the American scene.

Louis, Missouri, is a quietly dying river city until it hires a new police chief: a charismatic young woman from Bombay, India, named S. Set in the mids, The Twenty-Seventh City predicts every unsettling shift in American life for the next two decades: suburban malaise, surveillance culture, domestic terrorism, paranoia.

A classic of contemporary fiction, The Twenty-Seventh City shows us an ordinary metropolis turned inside out, and the American Dream unraveling into terror and dark comedy. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. The End of the End of the Earth Essays. Purity A Novel. Farther Away Essays. Freedom A Novel. How to Be Alone Essays. The Corrections A Novel. Winner jonathan franzen essays the National Book Award for Fiction After almost fifty years as a wife and mother, jonathan franzen essays, Jonathan franzen essays Lambert is ready to have some fun.

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Jonathan Franzen. Jonathan Franzen is a frequent contributor of essays, stories, and reported pieces to The New Yorker. He is the author of the novels. Nov 04,  · Is it too late to save the world? Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump's America the few lessons I’ve learned about writing essays all came from my editor at the New Yorker, Henry Finder. I Author: Jonathan Franzen. May 31,  · Farther Away: Essays [Jonathan Franzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this incisive collection of speeches and essays, Jonathan Franzen returns with renewed vigor to the themes4/4(34).