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/ New York: W.W. Norton & Company [] Available at Lamont Library GEN (PNN66 ) Table of Contents Details Title The Norton anthology of world literature Attribution Martin Puchner, general editor ; Suzanne Akbari, Wiebke Denecke, Barbara . A comprehensive anthology and guide to English literature of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Seventeenth Century, Restoration and Eighteenth Century. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 8 th Edition Explore English literature and culture with Norton Topics Online. Instructors may access the 8e Course Guide.

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First published init has gone through ten editions; as of there are over eight million copies in print, making it the publisher's best-selling anthology.

Abramsa critic and scholar of Romanticismserved as General Editor for its first seven editions, before handing the job to Stephen Greenblatta Shakespeare scholar and Harvard professor. The anthology provides an overview of poetrydramaprose fictionessaysand anthology of literature from Beowulf to the beginning of the 21st century.

The first edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literatureprinted inanthology of literature, comprised two volumes. Also printed in was a single-volume derivative edition, called The Norton Anthology of English Literature: Major Authors Editionwhich contained reprintings with some additions and changes including 28 of the major authors appearing in the original edition.

The eighth edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literature comprises six volumes, sold in two sets anthology of literature three. The writings are arranged by author, with each author presented chronologically by date of birth.

Historical and biographical information is provided in a series of headnotes for each author and in introductions for each of the time periods. Within this structure, anthology of literature, the anthology incorporates a number of thematically linked "clusters" of texts pertaining to significant contemporary concerns.

The eighth edition was also sold in two volumes, which simply anthology of literature six eras into two larger volumes, or three eras in one volume. Another option was the "Major Authors" edition. Compressed into the single volume was a selection of major authors of each period, anthology of literature, from the anonymous author of Beowulf to J.

The ninth edition continues to be sold in the same format as the eighth edition. The tenth edition of the anthology went on sale in June and has continued to be sold in the same format as its two prior editions, while including a host of new writers into its already largely encompassing range.

Published inthe first edition of Norton Anthology was based on an English literature survey course Abrams and fellow editor David Daiches taught at Cornell University. The sixth edition, published inincluded Nadine Gordimer and Fleur Adcock. Greenblatt joined the editorial team during the s: "When Norton asked Greenblatt—who was already editor of 'The Norton Shakespeare'—to join the team as Abrams's deputy in the mids, Abrams said he was initially skeptical because of their different critical approaches, but quickly came around.

The two had first met in the 80s, anthology of literature, when they once delivered opposing lectures. I always claimed he had the better, not anthology of literature the argument, but of the rhetoric of the argument. The ninth edition was released inanthology of literature, marking 50 years of the anthology's existence.

It was discontinued. Blooma former student of Abrams', noted: "We were defeated in battle. The Longman Anthology of British Literature is also a competitor. Norton, the David and Goliath of the anthology publishing world, has been cast.

With the recent publication of The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Longman has mounted a challenge to Norton to become the literary anthology of choice in colleges and universities around the country. Though I could wish that the new edition of the Norton had reflected more independent thought and less reactive borrowing of the most visible innovations of our table of contents, I am very glad that Norton has now also adopted the six-volume format.

Then again, perhaps the Norton hasn't simply been imitating us in its rapid inclusions of Marie de FranceHogarthanthology of literature, The Beggar's OperaFrankensteinand a range of new context groupings whose topics track ours with what may only appear to be beagle-like devotion.

The Septuagint was produced by anthology of literature translators whose versions all came out alike, and this history may anthology of literature repeated itself here. The new Norton is not as Longman personnel have charged simply an attempt to copy Longman Norton has defined its scope by uniting works whose common bond is the English language, claiming that a shared vocabulary is essential to cultural unity.

Independent Canadian publisher Broadview Press also offers a six-volume anthology of British literature that competes with the Norton and Longman anthologies, and a two-volume Concise Edition that competes with Norton's two-volume Major Authors Edition and Longman's two-volume Masters of British Literature.

McGann, and Anne Lake Prescott and has in general been very well received, though its sales have yet to match those of the competitors from the two larger publishers. InRachel Donadio of The New York Times stated: "Although assailed by some for being too canonical and by others for faddishly expanding the reading list, the anthology has prevailed over the years, due in large part to the talents of Abrams, who refined the art of stuffing 13 anthology of literature of literature into 6,odd pages of wispy cigarette paper.

Sarah A. Kelen summarizes the changes to the NAEL 's inclusions anthology of literature medieval literature through successive editions, demonstrating the way the Anthology 's contents reflect contemporary scholarship. Sean Shesgreen, anthology of literature, an English professor at Northern Illinois Universityanthology of literature, published a critical history of the anthology in the Winter issue of Critical Inquirybased on interviews with Abrams and examinations of the editor's NAEL files.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Abrams et al. Retrieved Retrieved November 9, December Literature Anthologies and Critical Ideologies". Literature Compass. Critical Inquiry. Retrieved February 16, The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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A comprehensive anthology and guide to English literature of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Seventeenth Century, Restoration and Eighteenth Century. Competing anthologies. The Longman Anthology of British Literature is also a competitor. Of this relationship, Joyce Jensen of the New York Times wrote in , "The first stone in the war between Longman and W. W. Norton, the David and Goliath of the anthology publishing world, has been modernlighting.tky: United States. The Norton Anthology of English Literature. "In literature, an anthology is a series of works collected into a single volume, usually with a unifying theme or subject. These works could be short stories, essays, poems, lyrics, or plays, and they are usually selected by an editor or a small editorial board.